Shellback Tactical Ecommerce website Design

When it came to offering tactical baggage and carry cases, Shellback Tactical was already a leader in their industry. They just needed a website that would represent their gear in the best light possible, be user friendly for customers and help the company to grow. Networking Bizz was there to offer all the best solutions.

Specific Functions

Networking Bizz started by creating a simple layout that would make it easy for customers to view products and order them if desired. A high capacity traffic server was installed to allow for maximum usability, no matter how many customers were browsing. Networking Bizz also worked on a social media campaign that would bring in traffic via those platforms

Increase in total traffic after website launch
Increase in phone orders after website launch
Decrease in ads cost for Google PPC search campaigns after launch
No mess, no fuss

Navigable site to find exactly what you want.

As a result of the campaign, the business witnessed explosive growth with sales averaging $55,000 a month and a 40% ROI due to the newly incorporated SEM strategy. The company’s functionality improved as the site developed systems for Drop shipping with large suppliers and there were no server crashes reported to date. The company’s social media following also greatly increased.

These results are definitely impressive and just a taste of what Networking Bizz can do for your company. Contact them to find out more about how they can help your business grow.

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